I was born in Cairo, Egypt and lived there to the age of four. I came to the United States at such a young age; it fascinates me that those four short years have etched their way into my psyche. I feel immensely blessed that I have been immersed in the traditions of a different culture, and thus am able to tap into another world in my creative endeavor.

I cherish the most blessed role that was bestowed upon me, of being a wife and a mother. I find that my children inspire me by the simplicity that they perceive the world. From that, I too am able to let go of my complex views and see the world simply as it is.

I found writing at a young age as a beloved hobby where I could create a world outside of the one I lived. I could allow myself, or the fictitious characters, to reside and thrive. I write stories that touch on the day-to-day trials of ordinary people just trying to get through the time allotted them.

I am fascinated by people's attitudes about life, what they do, how they do it, and how they occupy their time. I take people's perspectives with the complete recognition that as time passes, everyone will reach the end that they neither can predict nor control. I believe all people lead interesting lives and I have a tremendous respect for those that are gutsy enough to produce avant-garde work.

I appreciate the power, creativity, and resilience of the human spirit and believe that cruelty does not have to bury hope.